Crochet Clothesline Bowl

It has been quite a long time since my last post here.  School is pretty annoying.  I have been crafting, I just didn’t take the time to type up a tutorial.  I also lost quite a few pictures of the processes of making some projects.  Anyways, I have a few posts lined up; tutorials and one picture explanations.

Here’s the first: a bowl made with crochet thread and clothesline.

I went with clothesline because it was cheaper than rope.  So I got a colorful/variegated crochet thread so the bowl wouldn’t be boring.

20141114_164923 20141114_164926

I (somewhat) randomly decided to use a 3.5mm hook;  It was bit enough to grab the tread, but small enough to fit between the rows of rope.

Start by doing single crochets around the rope. Once you get about a half inch in, you can start to turn the rope into a circle around itself.

To crochet around the shape, insert your hook into the sc in the row below, under the working end of the clothesline.  Then yarn over and pull through the two loops on the hook.

20141114_165017 20141114_165027 20141114_165030 20141114_165039

20141114_164918You can increase, especially in the first few rounds by doing more than one single crochet in each previous row’s stitch.

After a bit, I decided the bowl would be more stable if I did single crochets from two rows below; It keeps the clothesline from wobbling too much.


Once the circle is as big as you want the base of the bowl to be, you can start building up the sides.


I found it easier to pull the rope to start the sides rather than try to hold the working end of the clothesline perpendicular to the base.

Keep going around until the bowl is as tall as you want it to be.  Trim the rope, leaving about 2 inches.  Use a lighter to burn and seal the ends of the rope.

Leave about a foot of thread and use a needle to whip stitch the tail of the clothesline in place.  Use extra stitches to secure the end of the clothesline.

20141115_103453 20141115_105225 20141115_105656

And that’s it!


Fill it with whatever you want like small yarn balls:


Or thrums for a warm winter headband project I’m working on:


Basically anything;  you make the bowl to fit your needs

Thanks for reading and DFTBA!

Nicole Marie


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