Jayhawk String Art

Every year my scholarship hall does a bigs and littles program (kind of like in sororities).  It’s customary to give a small gift to welcome them at the beginning of the year.  Some people just do a cork or marker board, but I like making stuff.

So I came up with this KU themed string art piece.


piece of wood – I got a 9×12″ plaque from the craft store, since the edges were already rounded and looked nice

Stuff to finish the wood (if you want) – I used spray primer and paint

small nails – I used 17 x 1″ nails ( the first number is the size of the nail, second is the length)

thread- I used size 10 crochet thread

And a hammer to nail the nails

I started out painting the wood, since it would take a while to dry.  I did a layer of primer and then the blue on top.

I then figured out the design.  I got an outline of Kansas, and stuck a Jayhawk around where Lawrence was.  I tried out various sizes until I liked the proportions.

I then nailed along the pattern every 1/4″.  I could have made them a bit further apart.  I could have also gotten some small nails because the diameter and depth and line of nails ended up splitting the wood along the grain ( but not all the way through the plaque, whew).  You can see the splitting in this picture, I tried covering up the crack with some matching acrylic paint (I didn’t have the 3 days to wait for another layer of spray paint).


Once all the nails were in, I picked a point and started winding.  Each nail on the Jayhawk ended up with at least 5 loops of thread on it because I had put so many nails on the border.  When you’re done, tie a knot around another nail.  You can put some super glue to make sure it won’t fall out.


And that’s it! Super adorable wall art.  I used command strips to hang it up, as it’s in a dorm room where they frown upon nail holes.  But you could add a sawtooth hanger if you aren’t in a dorm.


Thanks for stopping by,


Nicole Marie


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