Quick Tip: Mini Mint Tin Hair Kit

Upcycling an Altoids Mint tin is a pretty popular project these days.  From survival kits to electronic bits, they can be made to do anything.  Altoids now makes smalls, which come in a smaller tin and are perfect for holding small items.  I decided to use mine to hold all my hair accessories together in my purse or backpack.

Of course you can just throw everything in and call it good, but I decided to fix some magnets to the lid to hold the bobby pins for easy access.  Fridge magnets (like those companies give away with their information printed on them) weren’t strong enough to hold the bobby pins to the lid. So instead I got a 30″ magnetic strip for 97 cents at my local craft store.  I cut two pieces small enough to leave some room for the lid to close easily.  I attached it with some craft glue; you can use anything you have on hand, just make sure it works with metal.

 CAM00578 CAM00579

All this stuff fits in the tin, since the hair ties and bow are a bit squishy.  Speaking of which, I’ll be doing posts on making the bows and dying fold over elastic to any shade you want for unique hair ties.


CAM00582 CAM00588

Another quick tip: If you ever had braces and used rubber bands, you can use them as small hair elastics.  They don’t quite go around all your hair as in a ponytail, but they work for me and my “signature” side braid style.



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