Fourth of July Wire Bow Bracelet

The YouTube channel HGTV Handmade had a cute how-to for a bow bracelet (linked here).  I made one of these, but then I thought about creating a patriotic version for the upcoming holiday.

For this craft you need:

jewelry wire- 22-24 gauge

jewelry chain

jump rings

jewelry clasp

wire cutters

round nose pliers

nail polish ( I used some cheap dollar store kind)

I didn’t have any colored wire on hand, so I tried out using nail polish to color the wire.  This first picture is my test to see how the colors would turn out.  I decided to go with a white base coat and the paint the red and blue on top since those colors weren’t very opaque.

CAM00518  CAM00520

I then followed the video‘s instructions to turn the wire bits into little bows.  I also cut two ~1/2 inch parts of chain to put between the bows.

 CAM00522 CAM00523

When I had my three bows strung together, I laid out another bracelet to cut the correct length of chain to finish the bracelet, and then attached it.

CAM00524 CAM00525

Then I added jump rings and clasps to finish it off, and I trimmed the ends of the bows with wire cutters so they weren’t so long.

The nail polish has lasted for two weeks, the ends of the wires were a bit exposed, so I touched them up with some extra nail polish yesterday.  Overall I say this was a successful creative venture, and I’ll keep nail polish in mind whenever I need to color something.


Nicole Marie



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