Eight-Pocket Cinched Jewelry Pouch

I don’t own that much jewelry, but I still needed some way to keep it organized and untangled.  My sister got a cute jewelry pouch with divided pockets for her birthday one year, and I thought it would be simple enough to remake.  All you need for this project is two fat quarters of your fabric, a small amount of 1/8th inch ribbon, and a sewing machine.

For this project I chose a bold print for the outside and a cute multi-colored dot for the inside. You can make two jewelry pouches out of two fat quarters.  This project doesn’t require that much fabric.


I just traced my sister’s pouch so I didn’t have to do any direct measuring for the cuts.  I pinned the two fabrics together so I only had to cut out each circle once.

Cut a 9.5 in. diameter, and 6.5 in. diameter circles out of each of the fabrics.

CAM00464 CAM00466

CAM00469 CAM00470

Sew both of the circles, right sides together, with a 1/4 in seam.  Leave a 2-3 inch opening to turn them right side out.  Notch the edges to assist turning it right side out.


Pin the opening closed  and topstitch around each circle.

CAM00474 CAM00475


Here’s an illustration to help with the seams you’ll be stitching to make the divider pockets.

Fold each circle into quarters to find the center and pin the circles together.  For the center stitched circle, the smaller the circle, the deeper the pockets.  I made my circle about 3 inches in diameter.  The outside stitched circle signifies a 1/4 inch channel ( two circles 1/4 in. apart) for the ribbon to run through.  The four straight lines are what create the pouch divisions.


CAM00477  CAM00478

CAM00480  CAM00481

Use some sharp scissors to cut two small holes about a 1/4 inch apart, being careful to only cut through the outside layer.  Put Fray Check or clear nailpolish to keep the raw fabric edges from fraying.  Then attach the ribbon to a safety pin to feed it through the channel.  Then knot the ends of the ribbon and put more Fray Check or clear nail polish to prevent the ribbon ends from fraying.

CAM00487  CAM00489



And that’s it! One cute and functional jewelry storage pouch complete.  They make great gifts, since everyone wants a simple container for their jewelry even just for travel.


Nicole Marie



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