Lace Flower Bracelet

Recently I’ve been into making jewelry.  I love the delicate look of lace bracelets, so I raided my mom’s stash and found a few inches of this adorable daisy chain lace.  I decided to pair it with some sheer, slightly sparkly, ribbon for some extra stability to help keep it from twisting.

CAM00498So step one for me was placing the daisy lace on top of the ribbon and stitching a straight line down the length of the pieces.


Then, I trimmed the ends so I would have a flat edge to attach the ribbon clamps.


Then I attached the ribbon clamps, carefully closing them down with a pair of pliers.  I forgot to cover the pliers’ teeth with tape to prevent scuff marks, but they aren’t that noticeable.


Then I trimmed the other end so the piece was the right length to go around my wrist, and attached the other ribbon clamp. Each end of the ribbon clamp got a jump ring, and I attached a clasp to one end.


And that’s it! super quick and adorable lace bracelet.


Nicole Marie





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